Leadership. Unity. Ambition.

Support my campaign to be your Labour MP for Ipswich

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    Poverty and inequality. Low wages and sky-high bills. The education gap. Inequitable access to health services. The Conservatives would have us believe that these things are inevitable, that they are coincidences beyond their control. But there is nothing inevitable or coincidental about what is happening in our society today. These injustices are a direct result of political choices.
    We can change our future, we can build something special in Ipswich and across our country. It will not be easy, but with leadership, unity and ambition, we can achieve so much together.

    Back Jack for Ipswich

    Proud to be backed by:

    • John MowlesJohn MowlesFormer Ipswich Borough Councillor and Agent
      The country desperately needs a Labour government with qualities of trust, decency and integrity.
      Our part in achieving this will be the election of a Labour MP for Ipswich.
      We want a candidate driven by a commitment to Ipswich, to fairness and equality.
      We need a winner.
      That is why I back Jack Abbott.
    • Cllr Martin CookCllr Martin CookGainsborough, Ipswich Borough Council

      Jack’s tireless campaigning on education issues has demonstrated his strong and true socialist values. Plus, as a savvy media performer, he knows how to land Labour’s message effectively with local news organisations. No wonder the Tories are afraid of him!

    • Cllr Elango K ElavalakanCllr Elango K ElavalakanSt John’s, Ipswich Borough Council

      We need a person who can stand and provide a voice for Ipswich. My good friend Jack is the right choice who can fulfill our hopes.

      Most of us know of his great campaigns on education and his fight to reduce poverty in Ipswich.

      I am glad to endorse Jack to be our next Parliamentary candidate.

    • Cllr Carole JonesCllr Carole JonesWestgate, Ipswich Borough Council

      I know that when Jack decides to commit himself, he means it.  His commitment to Ipswich will be 100% - he will work tirelessly to improve the town, and the lives and life-chances of everyone who lives here. He has energy and integrity. Jack will be a great MP for Ipswich.

    • Cllr David EllesmereCllr David EllesmereLeader of Ipswich Borough Council

      Jack has a great record on Suffolk County Council of highlighting and campaigning against cuts. He has a proven ability of bringing people together to get positive results.

      His message of leadership and ambition for Ipswich, uniting rather than dividing, is exactly what our town needs.

      He would be an excellent Labour candidate and MP.

    • Cllr Peter GardinerCllr Peter GardinerGipping, Ipswich Borough Council

      Having served on the County Council alongside Jack, I cannot think of a better person to be the next Labour MP for Ipswich.

      He is dedicated, hardworking and is always ready to campaign for those in particular who need help in their everyday lives.

    • Cllr George LankesterCllr George LankesterHolywells, Ipswich Borough Council
      Jack is a dedicated campaigner against inequality and injustice. He is someone who brings people together on the issues that matter, and I have no doubt he'll be the positive champion for Ipswich this town needs in Parliament.
    • Cllr Alasdair RossCllr Alasdair RossRushmere, Ipswich Borough Council

      Now, more than ever we need someone to stand up for Ipswich and I know Jack is the person who can do that.

      His campaigning record on education and fighting poverty in Ipswich are testimonies to his determination to do what is best for Ipswich residents.

      I am happy to endorse Jack to be our next Parliamentary candidate.

    • Daniel Lee HarveyDaniel Lee HarveyDisability Campaigner & Activist

      “As a professional that works around inclusion, I understand the value of authenticity and the role we have to play around breaking down barriers. Jack has a proven track record of raising awareness on SEND support and provision in Suffolk.

      ”His commitment and passion for our town really shines through and I genuinely do believe that Jack’s vision will enable us to grow and thrive as a community and most importantly, ensure that nobody is left behind. Jack would make an exceptional MP for Ipswich.”

    • Cllr Stefan LongCllr Stefan LongRushmere, Ipswich Borough Council
      From the moment I met Jack he has been nothing but supportive. The work Jack has done as a County Councillor speaks for itself.
      I'm backing Jack for Ipswich.
    • Cllr Stephen ConnellyCllr Stephen ConnellyBridge, Ipswich Borough Council; Vice-Chair Ipswich CLP

      As Chair of the governing body of a local primary school I am acutely aware of the impact that a decade of austerity has had on School children and their families.  I have supported Jack Abbott on numerous campaigns and have seen the impact a passionate campaigner like him can have. 

      His work with colleagues in local schools over the disappointing uptake of Healthy Start vouchers in Suffolk saw a significant increase from 45% of those eligible to 71%. 

      I am proud to support Jack’s candidature as PPC for Ipswich and know he will make a great MP for our town.

    • Cllr Sophie ConnellyCllr Sophie ConnellySt John's, Ipswich Borough Council

      I first met Jack when I ran for a council seat in 2012 and it was immediately obvious that he was totally dedicated to the key Labour values of equality and opportunity. As a Labour County Councillor, Jack represented Ipswich people with passion and vigour and successfully launched a campaign to fight child poverty.

      He will be a great advocate for our town; therefore, I am proud to support Jack to be our Labour PPC.


    • Cllr Colin SmartCllr Colin SmartSprites, Ipswich Borough Council

      Judging by the way he has championed education and young people over the years and as well as taking Suffolk County Council to task for their failings on many issues, including the cost of living crisis, Jack would make for an excellent candidate to represent Ipswich at the next general election.

      I know Jack will continue to be a great asset and advocate for our town.

    • Cllr Dan MaguireCllr Dan MaguirePriory Heath, Ipswich Borough Council

      I've known Jack for a number of years, I've always known him to be an honest, hardworking person, who is focused on the best for the residents of Ipswich.

    • Warren KennyWarren KennyGMB Regional Secretary

      At GMB, we know the value of having MPs who want to deliver a high-skill, high wage economy, who will back British industry, and who will stand up to exploitation in the workplace.

      Jack will do just that - that’s why we are backing him as the next MP for Ipswich.

    • Glen ChisholmGlen ChisholmCommunity champion and former Labour Councillor
      Jack Abbott is passionate about our town and the people who call Ipswich home, he has a proven  track record of standing up for our vulnerable residents and fighting for improvement that makes a difference to the lives of so many.
      I feel that seeing the work Jack has done and getting to know him over the years he would be an excellent candidate for our MP and I wholeheartedly endorse him.
    • Cllr Tony BlackerCllr Tony BlackerStoke Park, Ipswich Borough Council

      Jack is an energetic, passionate and generous candidate who takes the time to understand the circumstances and issues around any conversation.

      Jack has an incredible ability to connect with people, whether they are naturally supportive of Labour values or not, and to show them how Labour can deliver in power.

      His depth of knowledge and expertise around education, poverty and transport in particular are incredible, and I strongly believe he would make a fantastic candidate and MP for Ipswich.

    • Cllr Elizabeth JohnsonCllr Elizabeth JohnsonSt Helens, Suffolk County Council

      Jack has been a tireless campaigner for Suffolk, always giving steadfast support for policies which will support the most vulnerable in our county.

      Whilst serving as the Councillor for Bridge, he led a successful campaign to force the council to commit to producing the Food Justice Action Plan

      He is a hardworking and dedicated activist, who connects well with people due to his great personality and his desire to listen. He loves this town and is committed to working hard to improve the lives of its residents.

      I would be proud to have him as our Labour candidate.