‘Make Politicians Look A Little Bit More Like You’

Ed Milliband, rightly, took many plaudits for his brave, ambitious and hope filled speech at Labour’s Annual Conference last week. However, there was another speech from the Great Yarmouth Labour PPC Lara Norris which had the Conference on its feet which was described by the Daily Mirror as ‘tub thumping’. It certainly was that and more; it was the kind of speech from the type of politician this country desperately needs, the type of politician who is real and genuine, the type of politician who people recognise when they switch on the TV or listen to the radio, the type of politician who has been there, done that and got the t-shirt, trousers, jumper, pants and socks.

I felt immense pride, inspiration, hope and enjoyment when watching this speech as I have done each and everytime I have watched it since. Lara is a fantastic advert for how politics should be and her call to ‘make politicians look a little bit more like you’ cannot fail to inspire. In fact, every word of every line leaves a lasting impression; it is, genuine, real and heartfelt, words that simply cannot be attributed to the Tories.

The people of Great Yarmouth will be lucky to have an MP who is as dedicated and as passionate as Lara. I do not need to list all of the reasons why Lara will be an excellent MP, this speech tells you all you need to know.

I have no doubt that if Brandon Lewis MP saw Lara’s speech then he would’ve got the suitcase out from underneath the bed and started packing. Then again, I’m not entirely sure whether his bags actually ever saw Great Yarmouth but the thought is nice all the same.

Labour has some great politicians coming through and many of them are women. 147 of Labour’s MPs are now women and although we would like to see many more, the Tories and Lib Dems have just 55 combined. The New Statesman ran a feature last week titled ‘the future’s female’ and profiled a promising group of female MP’s from the “class of 2010”. It would not be a surprise to see Lara featured in the “class of 2015” feature, hopefully alongside other female PPCs from East Anglia like Jane Basham who is quite simply fantastic and would be fully deserving of a win in South Suffolk.

Lara was once called a ‘nobody’ and whilst that was grossly offensive it was also completely and utterly untrue. She is a very special somebody, the future MP for Great Yarmouth and an inspiration to me and a great many others.

‘poverty speaks only about the size of your bank account,

not the size of your brain and not the size of your heart’ – Lara Norris


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