You have a voice. Use it. Decide what future you want.

My name is Jack Abbott. I’m the Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich. I’m also 24.

I’ve actually been involved in politics for a relatively short time. 2010 was my first General Election and I was at University in Sheffield where my MP was Nick Clegg. I joined the Labour Party after he and the Lib Dems joined the Conservatives in a Coalition and trebled tuition fees after pledging not to. I was angry; I felt that I and thousands of other students had been lied to and from that moment I knew politics had to change.

So here I am, I’m putting my money where my mouth is by trying to change a system to work for everyone, not just some people. Politics impacts on every aspect of our lives; how much you pay to go to University, the quality of apprenticeships, how good your local hospital is, whether you will be able to afford to buy a house and what job opportunities you will have. Politics is crucially important to our lives but I can understand the frustrations and disillusionment with a system that doesn’t seem to represent the needs of everyone.

Many people in my age group will not vote at this election. People may say ‘they are all the same, don’t vote’. I can sympathise with these frustrations, but do you think that anything will ever change if we choose not to vote? The same old politicians will get in time and time again and the same people will get hit time and time again. The only way to bring about change is by using the greatest opportunity given to you at the ballot box.

Obviously, I would love your support but more than anything I desperately want you to vote, whoever that may be for. We have the power to make a change, by getting involved in politics, by voting, by choosing who you want to represent you for the next 5 years of your life. You have a voice. Use it. Decide what future you want.


One comment on “You have a voice. Use it. Decide what future you want.

  1. Jack, you need to counter Dan Poulter’s “What I’ve done for local health” leaflet by pointing out what a mess SERCO has made of the local community services!

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