I grew up in Suffolk, I went to school here, I came back after university to live and work here. So I get angry when I see how badly it is represented by Conservative MPs in Westminster. It’s shameful that one in three children in Ipswich live in poverty. It’s intolerable that families have to fight exhausting, expensive, demoralising battles just to get the right support. I cannot just stand by and watch these things happen in a place I love.

I work for a renewable energy trade association and have previously worked in Westminster and as a teaching assistant for a local high school. I know how to drive campaigns at a national level. I’ve gained experience of what it takes to be an effective local representative. I’ve never lost sight of why we do what we do.

I’ve always battled against inequality and injustice. That’s why I’ve fought long running campaigns on issues such as SEND, poverty and pay and conditions. I can’t abide the fact that people who can least afford it have borne the worst effects of Conservative’s continuing austerity.

Ipswich is the one and only seat I will apply to be an MP. I am not asking for your support simply because I want to be an MP, but because, through this privileged platform, I can help change people’s lives for the better.