Championing Ipswich, instead of talking it down

I believe that the MP for Ipswich should be someone who have genuine love and affection for the place, who will be proud to represent the town and the people in it, and who will want to see it thrive and grow.

As many people know, that is not currently the reality. At the moment, the Conservative MP looks to stop progress, is pessimistic about its future and who spends more time talking the town down, rather than promoting it.

If fortunate to be selected as Ipswich Labour’s candidate at the next General Election, I pledge to do everything I can to speak about Ipswich’s rich history, about all the incredible progress we are making, and supporting an ambitious future. If elected as MP for this great town it will be the honour of my life, and I will never be complacent or take my privileged position for granted.

I will always be a champion for Ipswich.

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