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Twitter: @90jabbott


4 comments on “Contact Me!

  1. Hi Jack
    Who are you, where did you receive your education, went to uni etc. I received a leaflet through my door asking me to vote for you but it gave me no imformation about you as a person. Did you like football, sailing etc. If you want people to vote for you we need to know about your values and beliefs not just the Labour Partys.

  2. Hi Jack
    I agree with Mary – I know nothing about you! I’ve checked your Twitter account and Facebook page but there are no comments about the election or what you have been up to canvassing and the responses you have been getting from potential voters. I have had visits from the conservatives and the libdems but nothing from you except a vote labour leaflet. Who are you, what are your views on things?
    You are very young and I’d like to support you but I need to know what you think.
    Claire Webb

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