Delivering real change, even in opposition

While I will always be a campaigner, I did not get involved in politics just to shout from the sidelines. I came into politics to get things done, make a positive difference and change lives for the better.

That is why, during my time as a Suffolk County Councillor, as well as campaigning on the issues that mattered, I always looked to find ways to deliver real change, even in opposition. If that meant reaching out across the divide and working with different people across the political spectrum, that is what I would do in order to bring about that chnage.

During my time as a councillor, I was successful in pushing through motions on food justice, modern slavery and mental health, despite the large Conservative majority on the council.

Most significantly of all, after years of campaigning, I was invited to help put together the plans to deliver new specialist provision in Suffolk. That work, which proposed more than 800 new SEND places for the county, was the most significant package of investment in a generation. Though it fix all the problems in the system, it will make a life changing difference to thousands of children in the years to come.