Putting Ipswich at the heart of a new green economy

Over the coming years, Suffolk will be a hub of activity when it comes to renewable and clean energy. However, Ipswich is set to miss out on jobs and investment thanks to a Conservative MP who wants to slow, not support, the energy transition.

I see things much differently. I want to marry together the economic and environmental opportunies on offer from the energy transition. I want young people to get through school and college knowing there are high skilled, high waged jobs at the end of their education. I want people able to retrain and upskill and have the same opportunies. I want local businesses to have the confidence to invest and grow. I want to support co-operatives and community energy schemes.

Not only will all this be good for jobs and investment, it will help increases wages, move away from the volatile costs of fossil fuels and help tackle climate change and move the UK towards Net Zero.

All these things are possible for Ipswich, but the town needs an MP who understands these opportunities and wants to see people and businesses thrive and grow.

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