Showing leadership, through good times and bad

After the lies, chaos and deception of Boris Johnson’s premiership, people are looking for stability, sincerity and substance in their politicians.

Over the last few years, Ipswich has suffered from having an MP who has sought to divide, been unwilling to work with people who have differences of opinion, and looked to blame other for the mistakes of he and his party.

Ipswich deserves real leadership, someone who looks to bring people together, reach across the political divide and get things done. That requires political will, compromise and a vision. It needs someone who will listen, act with humility and welcome accountability. If fortunate enough to be elected, I will serve the people of Ipswich first, looking to represent everyone, no matter how they voted.

The Conservatives will leave the country in a terrible state, the economy in ruins, our public services in desperate need of investment. But as we have shown before, with strong leadership, vision and a mission in Government, we can deliver measures that will make a life changing difference to millions of people in this country.

2 thoughts on “Showing leadership, through good times and bad

  1. Good luck Jack! I became aware of you via Twitter and your support for children in Suffolk with SEN (something that affects our family). Your passion and belief in Ipswich is very clear.

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