Standing up for Ipswich’s workers and businesses

A fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work. No exploitation or discrimination in the workplace. Decent support for businesses who take risks to invest in their employees and communities. These things should be a given, but they are simply not the reality for many people in our country.

During my time at Suffolk County Council, I was proud to stand up for worker’s rights and led motion on issues such as the real living wage and modern slavery. While I was successful in receiving unanimous support for my motion on modern slavery, the Conservatives rejected the real living wage motion. We must keep fighting for decent pay – claps do not put food on the table.

Working with the Deputy Leader of the LGA, Cllr Michael Payne, I organised a UK-wide open letter, urging Boris Johnson to provide a targeted extension the furlough scheme. Supporting Gordon Brown’s Alliance for Full Employment, we secured the signatures of more than 1,100 Labour councillors warning the Prime Minister that his ‘plan to end furlough outright is over-simplistic and will only exacerbate the problem – it puts millions of jobs at risk.”

The Daily Mirror’s coverage of my open letter regarding furlough

I am delighted to be backed by GMB and USDAW. Representing a million workers between them, these unions make a real difference each and every day, supporting their members in the workplace and campaigning for better jobs, better rights and better policies.

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